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HCCF provides a range of Halal Chinese Confinement Food products & services with a focus on quickening recovery during postpartum and post-surgery confinement. Read our story

Have you ever wondered why we can eat ginger and black pepper during confinement but advised to stay away from chilli? Aren’t they all spicy and the same? Why mummies who went through caesarean especially, can’t consume chilli?

Ginger and black pepper are known to stimulate thermogenesis which helps to improve digestion and metabolic performance, thus reducing fat accumulation in our body. It’s also a diaphoretic (promotes sweating), which means it will help your body warm from the inside out.

The stomach muscles of postpartum mums has weakened and need time for recovery. Mums who undergo caesarean surgery should be careful with their stitches by not moving too much, hence it is not advisable to eat chilli as they may cause diarrhoea or discomfort to the stomach.

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Zara Agnes
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