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HCCF provides a range of Halal Chinese Confinement Food products & services with a focus on quickening recovery during postpartum and post-surgery confinement. Read our story

HCCF Healthy Drinks

Bird's Nest

Starts from RM218

Ever wondered what an authentic double-boiled bird’s nest drink tastes like?

Introducing HCCF Bird’s Nest Drinks, our bestseller that’s 100% pure bird’s nest goodness in every bottle ❤. Our perfect recipe comes from the amount of bird’s nest and sugar used, right to the cooking time – all specifically formulated according to its original tradition. We’ve made them in both rock sugar and honeycomb sugar flavours.

Yang paling penting, our bird’s nest drinks comes with GMP, HACCP, JAKIM HALAL, and ISO certification.

(Pssst… While we restock bi weekly, kadangkala our stocks run out faster than we can restock (Not that we’re complaining though! Hehe). Best to pre-order to secure your order!)



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Bird's Nest Box
6 x 60ml bottles RM218
Bird's Nest Carton
36 x 60ml bottles RM1000
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  • Jakim Halal Certified
  • No Preservatives
  • No Stabilizers

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